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How Much Do You Really Know About Japanese Food?

Japanese food has grown immensely in popularity over the last few decades, and for good reason. Japanese cuisine is not only delicious but also healthy and varied – presenting a huge range of options to choose from.

When you think about Japanese food, what comes to mind? 

For most people, the first thing that comes up is sushi: rice and raw fish. While this may be one of the most popular options, there is so much more to Japanese cuisine than just sushi! This article presents some lesser known facts about many traditional Japanese dishes as well as some suggestions on where you can try authentic Japanese cooking for yourself.

One major factor which helps make Japan such a unique country with regard to its food culture is that they eat everything within their own country and do not import or export any of their foods. This is definitely a major factor in the quality we see today, since no outside food is imported.

Many people also believe that most traditional Japanese food contains raw fish, such as sashimi and sushi. This belief has made many foreigners hesitant to try real Japanese dishes when they come to Japan or eat at a restaurant with authentic cuisine; however this is very far from the truth! There are many quite popular traditional dishes which do not involve raw fish, such as ramen noodles and teriyaki chicken skewers, among others. Raw fish in Japan is only seasonal and during specific times of the year it may be difficult to find in supermarkets and restaurants due to its high price.

One of the most popular traditional Japanese dishes is called ‘ramen’. The literal translation of this dish means “pulled noodles”, and it consists of wheat flour noodles which are pulled by hand (hence the name), cooked in a soy sauce based soup, and topped with various vegetables such as cabbage and leeks. It seems simple but can be very tasty!

Another traditional food option is the ‘gyoza’, more commonly known as dumplings. These are filled with beef or pork, among other things depending on preference, then wrapped up in dough before being fried to make them crispy on the outside while staying warm on the inside. If you’re not too hungry they can even make for a quick snack or appetizer, and they’re great to share with friends since many Japanese restaurants serve large plates of them which can be shared between two people.

Another food dish that has become quite popular in the West is called ‘teriyaki chicken’. It consists of bite-sized pieces of chicken that are grilled then covered in a sweet teriyaki glaze, often including other ingredients such as soy sauce, vegetables or garlic.

One traditional food which you may not have even heard of before is the ‘sakura denbu’, also known as pink sushi! This sushi dish consists of rice balls wrapped around pickled daikon radish which are dipped in fish flakes to give it its pink coloring. Sakura denbu! sounds far stranger than it tastes, so if you ever come across this dish while traveling in Japan or at a restaurant try it out!

Finally, there are many other traditional dishes which are not only delicious but healthy as well. One example of this is ‘oden’, consisting of various ingredients such as eggs, konnyaku potatoes and fish cakes all stewed in a soy sauce based broth. This is usually considered to be winter food since the hot soup will keep you warm!

Now that you know about some  Japanese dishes it’s time to take your taste buds on an adventure and try them for yourself! If you’re interested in trying real Japanese cuisine while traveling in Japan or at home check out your local Japanese restaurant or supermarket to give some authentic dishes a try!


Why people love going to Japanese Restaurants

People all over the world enjoy Japanese cuisine, but especially Japanese restaurants.  When you’re out on a date with someone special or just want to have a night with your family, wouldn’t you rather spend time at a restaurant that has delicious food as opposed to cooking it yourself?  

Japanese restaurants make everything from sushi and sashimi to noodles and bento boxes for those of us who don’t feel like preparing our own meals.

The first reason many people go is because they offer a wide variety of items that range from sushi and sashimi to noodles and bento boxes.  

There are both raw seafood dishes as well as cooked dishes offered at a variety of Japanese restaurants.  If you’re vegetarian or pescetarian, there are still plenty of options for you to choose from that will not include any seafood.

The prices are reasonable and can often be family-style.  

It’s easy for a group of friends or a large family to split an order of sushi, which saves money on each person’s dinner bill.

In addition to saving time and money, it also feels nice knowing that the restaurant staff prepares your food right in front of you!  

Whether you’re grabbing a meal with a friend after school or having a fun night out with your significant other, sitting down at a Japanese restaurant and watching one of the chefs prepare food in front of you always creates a good atmosphere.

Most of them offer take-out options.

Not only do they often provide take-out containers, but they’ll even fill your container up with as much or as little as you’d like!

Wide variety of dishes offered.  

Whether you enjoy sushi and sashimi or noodles and fried rice, it is likely that there will be items on the menu that suit your taste buds perfectly!

Coincidently, people tend to love going to Japanese restaurants because of the atmosphere they provide.  

If you go on a Friday or Saturday night with your family or friends, there is often live entertainment along with food being cooked right in front of you!

Amazing staff members

Whether it be the chef who prepares your meal or the server who brings it out to you, most seem very happy and willing to help if you have any questions.  They’re motivated at work and are always trying their best which makes for a great experience when dining out at a restaurant.

With so many different reasons as to why people enjoy eating at Japanese restaurants so much, it’s no wonder why they are becoming more and more popular.  From the wide variety of dishes to the fun atmosphere, there is much to love about Japanese cuisine and restaurants!

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