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Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park: A Perfect Vacation Spot

Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park, located in Pleasanton, California is a perfect vacation spot. Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park has over 100 acres of open space and includes trails for hiking or bike riding, several picnic areas with barbecues, playgrounds for children of all ages to play on, two large ponds that are stocked with fish every spring by the Pleasanton Parks Department’s Fishing Club.

This park is not just an opportunity for families to spend quality time together but also provides opportunities to learn about nature through educational programs at the Nature Center. Pleasanton Ridge offers many free programs including Junior Ranger Programs where kids can earn badges while they explore this wonderful natural area.

A Brief Background About Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park is a stunning and serene location for Pleasanton California residents. It has been enjoyed by locals since the 1960s, but it wasn’t until 1988 that the park was officially open to everyone in Alameda County. With over 500 acres of land with trails and scenic views, Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park offers hiking enthusiasts an opportunity to experience the beauty of Pleasanton from a new perspective.

In addition to trails, Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park also has three reservable picnic areas and two group camping sites for those who want an overnight stay in Pleasanton’s most pristine environment. The park is open all year round and offers amenities such as restrooms with running water, BBQ grills, and a dump station. Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park is also pet-friendly, so those with furry friends can enjoy Pleasanton’s trails alongside their family and pets alike. If you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life or simply want to immerse yourself in Pleasanton’s natural beauty, Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park is the perfect vacation spot.


Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park offers an abundance of amenities, including hiking trails and picnic areas.

  • Hiking Trails: There are over 13 miles of dirt trails in Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park that winds through some beautiful scenery. The park is located between two ridges with the northern ridge offering a scenic view of Pleasanton and the southern ridge offering views of Pleasanton Ridge.
  • Picnic Areas: Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park has four picnic areas, each with its own unique amenities. The first area is centrally located in Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park on Las Trampas Road across from Stoneridge Shopping Center (east side). This location holds around 50 people. The second location is located on Pleasanton/Sunol Road (west side) off of Del Valle Avenue and holds around 40 people. Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park’s third picnic area is the largest with it holding over 100 people, located in Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park on Pleasanton-Sunol Road (east side). Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park’s fourth picnic area is located on Pleasanton Ridge Road, south of Pleasanton-Sunol Road. This location holds around 50 people and has two barbecues available for use.

Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park also has the Pleasanton Community Hall, located near Pleasanton Ridge Road. The Pleasanton Community Hall is available to rent for events like parties and weddings.

Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park also has two tennis courts and a softball field that can be rented for private use.

Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park also has a dog park where dogs can run and play off-leash.

Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park is open daily from sunrise to sunset, allowing visitors the opportunity for day use activities like hiking, cycling, picnicking, or enjoying an afternoon with family. The Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park Foundation works to maintain Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park and provide an array of community services.

Frequently Asked Questions

California Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park is one of Pleasanton’s most popular spots for day trips. Whether you’re looking to hike with your family or take a stroll through nature by yourself, Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park has something for everyone! We have gathered some of the frequently asked questions:

Q: What amenities are available?

A: Pleasanton Ridge offers restrooms at both the Pleasanton Ridge and Pleasanton Wye entrances, water fountains at both locations, picnic areas with barbecues (at Pleasanton Ridge only), trails for hiking or walking during the day.

Q: Are dogs allowed?

A: Dogs are not permitted on any of Pleasanton’s Regional Parks trails; however they are allowed in parking lots and picnic areas. Dogs must be leashed at all times, except in designated dog parks (see Pleasanton Dog Parks). Remember to clean up after your pet!

Q: Is there a park entrance fee?

A: There is no parking or day-use fees for Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park; however the gates do close every evening at sunset, so be sure to plan accordingly. Pleasanton Ridge is considered a “Peak Park” and it’s very popular, especially on the weekends!

If you have any other questions, please visit their website.

Pleasanton, California is blessed with some of the area’s most beautiful and fun parks. Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

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  • Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park

All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our historic location at 6770 Santa Rita Road in Pleasanton! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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