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5 Secrets About The History Of Teppanyaki Cuisine You Didn’t Know

Teppanyaki is a form of Japanese cuisine that uses iron griddles to cook food. The word teppanyaki comes from the words teppan which means iron plate and yaki which means grilled or fried. It was created in Osaka, Japan by chefs who wanted an easier way to cook large meals for people with limited space at home. Teppanyaki dining became popular all over the world after World War II when Americans began eating at teppanyaki restaurants as they were notoriously difficult to find in America before then. In this article, we will discuss 5 secrets about the history of teppanyaki cuisine that you didn’t know.

How Much Do You Know About Teppanyaki History?

    Teppanyaki cuisine is a style of Japanese cooking that uses an iron griddle to cook food. The word teppanyaki means griddle iron. Teppanyaki-style cooking originated in Japan and has become popular around the world. Despite its popularity, there are some secrets about the history of teppanyaki cuisine that many people don’t know. Here are five of them:

1. Teppanyaki has a history of two centuries.

    Teppanyaki style of cooking is thought to have started in Japanese homes, but it soon expanded. A grill or griddle-like device was used by families for preparing yakisoba (stir-fried noodles) and other dishes such as fish & seafood which eventually led them into serving this food at commercial levels starting perhaps during the early 20th century. However, its tradition had been handed down several generations before then, from mother-tongue ancestors who first cooked with iron plates on these same types of models so long ago.

2. The style of teppanyaki cuisine has been adapted globally to local tastes over time.

    Teppanyaki’s style of cooking has been a hit with global audiences from the start, but it takes quite some time to get its roots established in each new location. When Japanese people immigrated elsewhere beginning during the pre-World War II years and beyond this point, they brought along their culture including teppanyaki cuisine which was soon adapted for local tastes. Between then and now, one can find variations on how dishes are made globally compared to Japan while still retaining this original flavor intact.

3. Teppanyaki restaurants are also known as steakhouses.

    Since teppanyaki restaurants are so popular in the U.S., they have been adapted to local tastes over time by including more steak dishes on their menus. Over time, this has led many people to refer to them as steakhouses rather than teppanyaki locations. While this is not technically correct since there are other types of foods served here too, it is a common name that you will encounter when trying to find one of these establishments nearby for yourself and others who may be traveling with you during your stay at an unfamiliar location.

4. The Benihana chain of restaurants popularized teppanyaki in the U.S.

    The Benihana chain of restaurants is the largest and most popular teppanyaki restaurant group in the U.S., with several locations throughout many states including Florida, New York, Illinois, Virginia, and more. They have been so successful over time that it has made this style of Japanese cuisine widely known both to locals who may never visit Japan as well as international travelers too. Many other groups exist within the country such as Kobe Steakhouse & Sushi Bar but none are nearly as large or famous since they didn’t start on their own as Benihana did instead initially working for one then branching off into others which soon led them here today where they stand now during these modern times.


5. Teppanyaki chefs are known for their skillful knife work.

    Teppanyaki refers to a style of cooking that uses an iron grill or griddle similar to what you might find at home, but the process used by teppanyaki restaurants can be quite different from your own experience here depending on where you go and how it’s prepared using special tools instead of just forks & knives. One thing in particular which sets these types of restaurants apart is watching skilled chefs prepare meals right before your eyes making every dish look delicious no matter if they use beef, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables, and more, so long as it’s cooked up this way.

    We hope you enjoyed our list of five secrets about the history of teppanyaki cuisine that we bet you didn’t know. If you’re looking for a restaurant to try it out, be sure to visit one near your area. They’ll likely have some great specials or discounts available on this style of food or even better yet, ask them if they offer classes for people who want to learn how to make these dishes themselves. Call us today.

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