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Why We Love Japanese Food (and You Should Too!)

Japanese food is delicious, healthy, and actually quite simple. Whether you’re just getting into it or have loved it for years, there’s no denying that Japan knows how to do food right. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should be eating more Japanese dishes!

It’s Healthy

The first reason to love Japanese food? It’s healthy! The natural way of cooking through steaming, boiling, stewing, simmering, frying with minimal oil (if any), and baking means all those wonderful vitamins are locked in rather than boiled away. Certain ingredients are used in abundance that promote good health as well – for instance , natto helps digestion while shiitake mushrooms help fight off cancer cells. Soba noodles made with buckwheat are also great for cholesterol, and sashimi (thinly sliced raw fish over rice) is high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, just to name a few examples.

A lot of Japanese food aims to balance the yin and yang forces , which means you might find yourself eating sweeter dishes alongside salty ones or sour plus spicy . It’s all about keeping your tastebuds guessing! Such variety keeps things interesting while still providing maximum health benefits.

It Just Tastes Better

There’s no denying that authentic Japanese food has its own unique taste – but what makes it stand out? The simplest answer might be that Japan grows its own special varieties of rice and other ingredients, shying away from more commercially viable food items we see elsewhere. Rice is actually used in many Japanese dishes – completely transforming their consistency and taste (just try making some sushi or onigiri at home for a fun twist!).

While all the heavy hitters like soy sauce and miso paste are obviously responsible , it’s also about the smaller details. The highest quality dashi broth comes from cooking those same special types of grain as mentioned above with kombu seaweed and bonito flakes . Or consider mirin , a sweet cooking wine that balances out salty sauces without adding too much sugar to your meal. There’s more to it than just throwing together what you’ve got on hand!

It’s Addictive

It can be easy to eat Japanese food everyday, whether it’s your favorite local sushi restaurant or just heating up some frozen dumplings. There’s no denying that Japanese flavors are uniquely addictive – more so than other types of cuisine. A big part of this has to do with umami , the mysterious fifth taste added to things like soy sauce that have more depth and are somehow just better . Another factor is that many ingredients are preserved in different methods or used as accents for extra flavor – all the kombu seaweed, bonito flakes, chili pepper flakes, etc.  And finally, there’s nothing quite like sitting down at a traditional izakaya (Japanese pub) where you can order many small dishes at once instead of one big plate. It’s all about the fun dining experience!

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The Drinks Are Spectacular

Whether you want something bubbly , sweet  or fresh  – there’s a Japanese drink for you. Of course sake is here to stay , but have you ever heard of amazake ? It’s a rich, smooth drink that tastes sort of like milk and has added health benefits . And what about shochu or its sweeter cousin, sake? These distilled drinks are actually very low in calories, making them a great option if you’re watching your waistline while still wanting to unwind with friends over some food and drinks. Or maybe green tea is more your style – and you’ve never had it quite like sencha ? It’s grown in rolling fields and harvested early to retain its deep flavor. Connoisseurs will argue that the best tea comes from Japan , so why not try some for yourself?

It Goes Beyond Food – Enter The Culture

Even if you’re not a huge foodie , there’s still plenty of reason to love Japanese culture . Sapporo holds winter festivals  with unique, traditional foods around every corner. You can learn kanji at any major bookstore thanks to their expansive manga selection , or pick up some cheap bentos  (boxed lunches) at the supermarket. And of course there are always movies, TV shows , and music.

 And that’s just a small taste of the deliciousness that is Japanese cuisine. If you want to try some for yourself, give us a call today! We would be more than happy to introduce you to all the wonders of sushi, tempura, and so much more. With our help, you’ll be able to explore the many different flavors of Japan – and maybe even develop a love for this amazing food like we have.   

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