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Bernal Community Park - A Great Place To Playout On A Sunny Day

Bernal Community Park is a great place to spend an afternoon. Bernal has plenty of trees and grassy hills for kids to run around on, as well as a playground area with new play equipment. Bernal also has a large open field where games can be played or you can just relax in the sun and enjoy the view of Pleasanton’s Bernal Heights neighborhood. Bernals’ picnic tables are perfect for family gatherings, BBQs, and other events. Bernal even has two tennis courts that are lit up at night!

What To Expect When Visiting Bernal Community Park?

Bernal Community Park has a lot to offer. Whether you are looking for a place to play, relax or simply take in the views, Bernal is an ideal spot. This park offers great amenities such as soccer fields and picnic areas with grills available on site which makes it perfect for hosting parties or events too! Bernal community park has an extensive trail system that loops all through the park; it is great for hiking, running, or biking! Bernal also offers playgrounds and a dog area. If you are looking to take in views of Pleasanton you will find Bernal Community Park just minutes away from downtown where there are fantastic restaurants with spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay and Bernal Heights. Bernal is a great place to spend the day or evening with your friends, family, pets, or even by yourself!

Bernal Community Park has so much to offer, no wonder why people from all over flock here for events such as music festivals, sports games, and more! This park really has something for everyone so the next time you are looking to get out of the house Bernal Community Park is a great place to visit!

Bernal Community Park: Amenities & Fun Activities

Bernal Community Park is considered to be one of the best places in Pleasanton for kids and adults alike. Bernal has a variety of activities that add up to make it an excellent place for families with children. As many people know, Bernal sits atop Bernal Heights Hillside on the West Side of Pleasanton. Bernal Community Park has an expansive trail system that loops around the park, connecting all areas and entrances to one another; it is perfect for walking or hiking! Bernals’ trails are great not only because they provide a good workout but also because you will be able to take in some spectacular views while enjoying nature’s beauty.

Bernal Community Park is home to several open fields where you can take in the views of Pleasanton while playing soccer, flag football, or even kickball! Bernals’ sports fields are great for hosting games and events because there is plenty of room for everyone to play at once. Bernals’ open fields are also ideal because they provide plenty of space to let children play without having to be on top of one another which can lead to injuries and accidents if not enough room is provided.

Bernal Community Park has two tennis courts that are lit up at night so you will never have an excuse not to play! Bernal’s tennis courts are ideal for practicing or just playing casually with others. Bernals’ picnic areas and grills make it perfect for hosting family gatherings, parties, and events too! Bernals’ tables provide plenty of space so you will never have an excuse not to invite your friends over again because there is no room. Bernal Community Park is a great place for all types of events!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are Bernal Community Park’s main features?

A: Bernal Community Park has a large community center, playgrounds, baseball field, and several open spaces. The park also offers access to Bernal Open Space Trail through the Bernal Hill area.

Q: Is Bernal Community Park wheelchair accessible?

A: Bernal Community Park does not offer any designated handicapped parking or access, however, visitors are allowed to use the public sidewalk through Bernal Hill for free. The park’s facilities are all within walking distance of each other. Bernal Community Park also has wheelchair-accessible restrooms and drinking fountains available to visitors throughout the park.

Q: Is Bernal Community Park good for families?

A: Bernal Community Park is a great place for everyone because of its wide variety of activities and facilities. The playgrounds are ideal spots for children, while adults can enjoy Bernal Open Space Trail. Bernal Community Park also offers a community center, baseball field, and several open spaces for everyone to enjoy throughout the park.

Q: What are Bernal Community Park’s hours?

A: Bernal Community Park is open daily from sunrise until 11 p.m., unless otherwise noted on signs posted at the park. Bernal Community Park’s hours may vary depending on the time of year and whether or not there are scheduled activities taking place at Bernal Community Park during a particular day and/or time.

If you have any other questions, please visit their website.

Pleasanton, California is blessed with some of the area’s most beautiful and fun parks. Here’s a list of some of our favorites:

  • Val Vista Park
  • Mission Hills Park
  • Bernal Community Park
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All of these wonderful parks are located just a short distance from our historic location at 6770 Santa Rita Road in Pleasanton! Stop by for a visit anytime!

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