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What Makes Certified Angus Beef Worth It?

When you are looking for the highest quality beef, you may have heard of Certified Angus Beef. But what makes it so special? Certified Angus Beef is a unique product that sets itself apart from other types of beef due to its superior flavor and texture. Let’s explore what makes it stand out from the competition. 

The Difference Comes From The Breed 

Certified Angus Beef comes from Black Angus cattle. This breed is known for its excellent marbling, which is one of the main factors that contribute to the superior taste and tenderness of this type of beef. The marbling occurs naturally in the animal, meaning that no hormones or steroids have been used to produce it. Therefore, when you purchase Certified Angus Beef, you can be sure that it has been raised according to strict standards with no artificial means used to enhance its flavor or texture.  

The Flavor is Unmatched 

The marbling in Certified Angus Beef provides an unparalleled flavor experience compared to lower-grade beef products. The fat content gives the beef a juicy texture and robust flavor that will leave your mouth watering after each bite. Additionally, since this type of beef has higher levels of Omega-3 fatty acids than other types of beef, it can provide health benefits as well as deliver an amazing taste!  

Higher Quality Standards

#1 USDA Grade For Quality Assurance

For meat to be classified as “Certified Angus Beef” it must meet several strict criteria set forth by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). These criteria include marbling score, maturity rating, color and texture rating, carcass weight range, and conformation rating. In addition, all cattle must come from certified farms where they have been fed grain-rich diets and given ample room to roam freely in pasturelands before being processed into steak cuts or ground chuck. By meeting these qualifications, any Certified Angus Beef product you purchase ensures that only premium cuts are included in your meal!  

Delivered Fresh

Enjoy the assurance that Certified Angus Beef provides when you pick up steaks, ground beef, and roasts from your local store. The beef is always delivered fresh from farm to plate, so you know you’re getting the same great quality that restaurants across the country are serving up. From humanely-raised livestock to quick processing and packaging for minimal additives and preservation of flavor, this high-grade beef will have you savoring every bite. Since it’s directly shipped to you after being frozen, the only way it could be any fresher is if you went to purchase it straight from the farm!

Exceptional Value

Certified Angus Beef offers exceptional value. With its superior marbling and flavor, you will find that the cost of this beef is well worth it. The high-grade quality means that your meals will last longer due to less shrinkage during cooking, so you can stretch a pound even further. This means more servings per package, so you save money in the long run. Not only that, but you can be sure that each bite will be bursting with flavor! 

The Perfect Choice For Any Occasion

Whether you’re hosting a family gathering or planning an intimate dinner for two, Certified Angus Beef is always the perfect choice. The superior flavor and texture make it ideal for grilling steaks, roasting beef loin, slow-cooking pot roast, or crafting burgers on the grill. With its unbeatable flavor and unbeatable value, Certified Angus Beef will always be the best choice for any occasion. 

When you want the best quality for your family or restaurant customers, look no further than Certified Angus Beef. This special type of beef stands out from other types due to its superior marbling which produces unmatched flavor and tenderness without any artificial enhancements such as hormones or steroids being used during production. Furthermore, anyone who purchases Certified Angus Beef can rest assured knowing that they are getting only premium cuts because all cattle must meet strict USDA standards before being processed into steaks or ground chuck! For those seeking an unbeatable taste experience combined with peace-of-mind assurance about their food’s origin and quality standards, there truly is a no better option than Certified Angus Beef!

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