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What’s The Best Sushi Restaurant Near Dublin, California?

About Dublin, California And The 6 Different Types Of Sushi

Dublin, formerly known as Amador and Dougherty’s Station, is a Californian East Bay suburb. It is situated in the Tri-Valley area of Alameda County’s Amador Valley. It is situated about 35 miles east of downtown San Francisco, 23 miles east of downtown Oakland, and 31 miles north of downtown San Jose, at the intersection of Interstates 580 and 680 along the north side of I-580.

Due to the substantial Irish population, it was known as “Dublin” in honor of the city of Dublin, Ireland. In the 1890s, the name was formally adopted by the post office.


For his service as a Mexican soldier and in Mission San Jose, where he served as an administrator, José Mara Amador was awarded land in 1835 that measured 16,500 acres. This valley was later named Amador Valley in his honor. Irish settlers established a town and purchased land from Amador in 1850.

Donlon Way, which is now Foothill Road but was once the northernmost section of the main road leading to Sunol and Niles Canyon, crosses Dublin Boulevard at the following historical sites:

  • Murray Elementary School (established in 1856 with 50 pupils)
  • The Dublin Church of Christ currently resides in Green’s Store, which was founded in 1860.
  • Although people had been laid to rest in the churchyard for years prior to 1859, the old cemetery was only formally established in that year.
  • The 1859-built Old St. Raymond’s Church is a part of the National Register of Historic Places.

The Lincoln Highway, which later became the U.S., passed through Dublin Boulevard, a generally east-west road that is located just north of Interstate 580. Route 50. In the past, the road turned southward around Hansen Drive to follow Dublin Canyon Road as it heads toward Hayward.

West Dublin underwent a small suburban town transformation in 1960 when the first housing tracts were built there. From the early 1960s on, it expanded consistently as a residential and retail hub. Incorporated in February 1982, the City.

Although Dougherty, which split off from Dublin, had a post office from 1860 to 1908, Dublin’s first post office opened in 1963 and is still in use today.

Why Visit Dublin? Top 3 Attractions In Dublin, California

If you’ve never been to the picturesque city of Dublin, California – now is the time! Whether it’s escaping the buzz of big cities and finding inner peace among nature or being enthralled by historical tales, Dublin has something for everyone. From its rich culture and history to carefully curated museums and vast parks that offer endless amounts of activities – visitors can easily fill up their entire day exploring every nook and cranny in this quaint city. Read on below to get an inside sneak peak on three different attractions located in Dublin, California that should not be missed!

1. Dublin Hills Regional Park 

Address: Calaveras Ridge Regional Trail, Dublin, California 94568, United States

Dublin Hills Regional Park is a 654-acre park in Alameda County, California, United States, west of Dublin. It is administered by the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD). The park can be reached from the Donlon Hill Staging Area on Dublin Boulevard near Dublin, California.

The majority of Dublin Hills Regional Park is undeveloped and serves primarily as wildlife habitat. The park has a number of trails for hikers, bikers, and equestrians. There are, however, no reservable campsites or picnic areas. The park’s most notable geographical feature is a ridge that runs north from Donlon Point on the park’s southern boundary to Wiedeman Hill on the park’s northern boundary. Although interspersed with steep canyons, the ridge serves as an open space corridor through the park.

The park is bounded on the south by I-580, on the southwest by Schaefer Ranch, on the northwest, north, and northeast by private grazing land, and on the southeast by the California Highlands.


The main trail in the park, the 2-mile Calaveras Ridge Regional Trail, follows the Calaveras Ridge into the Dublin Hills. The Calaveras Ridge merges with higher mountains near the end of the trail, and the trail splits, with both parts ending on private property shortly after. The Calaveras Trail does not reach the summit of Donlon Point. To reach the top of Donlon Point, a 1/3-mile trail must be followed.

The Donlon Loop Trail is a network of short trails that leads to a housing development along Dublin Boulevard. This housing development does not allow hikers to park. This network of short trails can be used to form a loop, but it is too narrow for cyclists and equestrians. A second Martin Canyon Creek Trail, which connects to both the Donlon Loop Trail and the Calaveras Ridge Trail, leads to the Martin Canyon Creek Trail open space. Other minor trails come to a halt on the park’s outskirts.

Quick History

Some of the grasslands in Dublin Hills Regional Park have not been touched by man since the 1800s, according to the Dublin Hills Regional Park map. Much of the Dublin Hills area, like Vargas Plateau, was originally ranchland.

The park had 520 acres when it opened in July 2010. EBRPD paid $2.3 million for approximately 400 acres of land, with developers contributing 120 acres.

EBRPD announced in September 2015 that it had purchased a 362 acre parcel of land on the northern boundary of the Dublin Hills park owned by the Wiedemann Ranch. This parcel would become a part of the Bishop Ranch Open Space Reserve, connecting the Bishop Ranch preserve to the Dublin Hills park.

2. Dublin Ranch Golf Course

Address: 5900 Signal Hill Drive, Dublin, California 94568, United States

Dublin Ranch Golf Course is proud to be the city’s first and only golf course, with 11 distinct par 3s, five solid par 4s, and two demanding par 5s designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr. Most players use every club in their bag during their round, so club selection is critical.

From every hole on the course, panoramic views of the Livermore Valley and Mt. Diablo are provided by rolling hills and valleys within a master planned community. Excellent customer service and excellent course conditions, highlighted by typically smooth and fast greens, are typical of the most exclusive private clubs.

The efficient and inventive design of the course allows you to complete your round in less than four hours, after which you can total your scores and settle your bets on the shaded patio or in their full-service bar.

The Dublin Ranch Golf Course & Event Center is located in the hills above the Tri-Valley. It is the picture-perfect setting for your event, with stunning panoramic views. With only one event at a time, you can be assured of exclusivity as well as the undivided attention of their professional staff.

Modern architectural design and appointments ensure an unparalleled experience inside the event center at their golf course in Dublin, California. The expansive foyer provides the most grand entrance into the adjoining ballroom. The view from the ballroom, with large picture windows overlooking the rolling hills of the Tri-Valley, is a breathtaking backdrop for your celebration. Natural light casts a golden glow, emphasizing the beauty of your day. The soft dome lamps on the coffered ceiling cast a romantic glow on your special event later in the evening.

3. Iron Horse Trail

Address: California, United States 

The Iron Horse Regional Trail is a rail trail in the East Bay Area of California for pedestrians, horseback riders, and bicycles. This trail runs through inland central Alameda and Contra Costa counties, mostly following an abandoned Southern Pacific Railroad right of way established in 1891. At the time, the two counties purchased the right of way with the intention of using it as a transportation corridor; the Iron Horse Trail was established in 1986. BART proposed using the right-of-way for a DMU line from Walnut Creek station to Tracy via Pleasanton in 2003.

The trail runs through Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, Danville, Alamo, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, and Concord. When completed, the trail will stretch from Livermore in central Alameda County to Suisun Bay on the northern edge of Contra Costa County, a distance of more than 40 miles connecting two counties and nine communities. The trail also connects directly to the Dublin/Pleasanton and Pleasant Hill BART stations.

Pleasanton initially decided not to keep the transportation corridor within its city limits. Although the East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) retained control of the right of way, multiple developments, most notably Hacienda Business Park, were built along the corridor.

The first work on the Pleasanton trail began in March 2006, with the creation of a new section about 1 mile long on the city’s south side. This segment opened in March 2008, filling a 1.6-mile gap in the trail between the Dublin side of the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station and Santa Rita Road near the Stoneridge Drive intersection, where the new segment began.

Based on public meetings held the previous year, the Pleasanton City Council voted in February 2011 to ratify the EBRPD master plan to complete the trail within the city. The BART-to-Santa Rita section of the trail received $4 million in regional and federal grants. Construction started in May 2013 and was finished in July 2014. Several obstacles were overcome, including routing through an existing business campus, two city parks, a residential development, an apartment complex, and three at-grade crossings of busy roads; it connects to the earlier southern segment at the intersection of two major streets.

Another new trail segment opened in April 2013 along Stanley Boulevard on the north side of Shadow Cliffs Lake in unincorporated Alameda County. This leaves a.6 mile gap between the end of the Pleasanton section of the trail and the west end of this new segment. The East Pleasanton Specific Plan Project includes plans to close this gap along future extensions to Busch Road and El Charro Road to Stanley Boulevard.

This segment was extended from the Livermore city limits at the intersection of Stanley Boulevard and Isabel Avenue with a trail paralleling Stanley Avenue on its north side to a new bridge over Murrieta Boulevard in 2022; the trail dead-ends about.25 mile past the bridge.

Best Sushi Restaurant Near Dublin, California – Kimono Restaurant

Kimono Restaurant Is The Best Sushi Restaurant Near Dublin, California.

You’ve never had food this good! Kimono Restaurant offers a great place to take your family for entertainment, delicious eats, and fun. We start with the highest quality ingredients before grilling them right in front of you on our hibachi grill–the perfect way to get involved by watching as we prepare it just how YOU want it so there will be no surprises at all when they bite into your meal. This experience also gives us an opportunity to show off some amazing tricks which is where being entertained comes into play; our talented chefs will astound you even further by flipping meats around wildly or doing some other intricate, spectacular feats. If you’re looking for the perfect place to take your family for food, fun and entertainment, Kimono Sushi Restaurant in Benicia and Pleasanton, California, can’t be beaten! Join us today and experience the Kimono difference.

Top 3 Questions People In Dublin, California Have About Sushi Etiquette

If you’re a sushi enthusiast living in Dublin, California, chances are you’ve probably encountered some puzzling questions when it comes to properly enjoying your favorite cuisine. Whether you want to know which chopsticks to use or the proper order of dishes, getting familiar with sushi etiquette can be key to truly appreciating the art form. Today we’ll answer some of the most common questions that people in Dublin have about how to observe sushi customs with grace and ease!

1. What Is The Proper Etiquette For Eating Sushi In Dublin, California?

Eating sushi properly is important for both enjoying the experience and showing respect to the chef. Here are some tips on proper sushi etiquette:

1. Use Chopsticks Or Your Hands: When eating sushi, it should be eaten with either chopsticks or your hands. If using chopsticks, do not rub them together as this is considered rude. It is also polite to avoid using your hands if a shared plate of sushi is present.

2. Don’t Mix Wasabi Into The Soy Sauce: It may be tempting to mix wasabi into the soy sauce, however it is considered poor etiquette and a sign of disrespect for the chef. Wasabi should always be placed directly onto the sushi.

3. Don’t Dunk Your Sushi Into The Soy Sauce: To ensure that the flavor of the sushi is preserved, you should lightly dip one corner or edge of the sushi into the soy sauce. Doing this allows for just a hint of soy sauce to be tasted without overpowering it.

4. Eat Each Piece In One Bite: Unless the sushi is too big to fit into your mouth, it should be eaten in one bite. Not only does this show respect for the chef’s presentation and hard work, but it also allows you to savor all of the flavors together.

5. Don’t Make Loud Noises While Eating: Eating sushi should be an enjoyable experience. Making loud noises while eating can be disruptive and can spoil the atmosphere.

Following these tips ensures that you are treating both the sushi and the chef with respect. Enjoy your sushi!

2. What Is Considered Impolite In Sushi Restaurant In Dublin, California?

In sushi restaurants, a few key rules should be followed to show respect to the chefs and other guests.

1. Never Use Your Hands: Chopsticks are the only accepted utensil for eating sushi. It is considered rude to touch sushi with your hands or to mix wasabi into your soy sauce.

2. Don’t Pour Soy Sauce On The entire Dish: Pour a small amount of soy sauce into your dish and dip the fish side of your sushi into the sauce, rather than pouring it over the entire plate.

3. Avoid Making Loud Noises: It is considered impolite to talk loudly or make other disruptive noises while in a sushi restaurant.

4. Don’t Blow On Your Food: Blowing on your sushi is seen as an insult to the chef and other patrons of the restaurant.

5. Avoid Ordering Items That Are Not Available: Many sushi restaurants have a limited selection and ordering items that are not available will require the chefs to make special preparations.

6. Don’t Stack Your Sushi Plates: It is considered disrespectful to stack the plates when you are finished with a meal. Place them neatly on the table and allow the staff to take them away.

7. Refrain From Taking Food From Other People’s Plates: Unless it is explicitly offered, do not take food from someone else’s plate as it can be seen as rude.

8. Don’t Add Extra Condiments: Adding anything other than soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger to your sushi is considered disrespectful. Stick to these three when adding condiments to your sushi rolls.

9. Avoid Private Conversations Or Distractions: Keep conversations at a reasonable level and avoid using cell phones or other electronic devices in order to prevent distracting others.

10. Show Appreciation For The Chefs: The presence of sushi chefs in a restaurant is an honor, so show your appreciation by thanking them for their food and service at the end of the meal.

These simple rules of etiquette should be followed when dining at a sushi restaurant to show respect for the chefs and other customers. By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience at the sushi restaurant.

3. What Are The Do’s And Don’ts Of Eating Sushi In Dublin, California?

There are some basic do’s and don’ts when it comes to eating sushi.


  • Use your hands or chopsticks to pick up the sushi.
  • Dip only the fish portion of the sushi into soy sauce, not the rice.
  • Eat sushi as soon as it’s served.
  • Try different kinds of sushi and don’t be afraid to experiment with new flavors.


  • Pour soy sauce over the sushi – it will make it soggy.
  • Mix wasabi directly into your soy sauce; instead, put a small amount of wasabi on the sushi before dipping it into the soy sauce.
  • Stack up different pieces of sushi when eating them; each piece should be eaten separately.
  • Leave sushi out of the fridge for too long as it can spoil quickly.
  • Eat raw fish if you are pregnant or have a weakened immune system.
  • Overfill your plate; it is better to eat less and savor each bite than to overload your plate and risk not enjoying the sushi.
  • Keep leftover sushi – it is best to enjoy your sushi as soon as it’s served and not risk eating old, spoiled food.

There you have it – some basic do’s and don’ts for enjoying sushi. As long as you follow these guidelines, you should be able to safely enjoy this delicious Japanese food. Bon appétit!

Note: If you are unsure about the freshness of the sushi, it’s best to ask your server or the sushi chef for advice. You can also look at the color and smell of the fish to determine its quality. Additionally, if you have allergies or intolerances, it is important to let your server know so they can avoid any potential hazards.

Finally, always remember to practice good hygiene when preparing and eating sushi. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before handling any raw food items. Make sure all ingredients are properly cooked and stored in the fridge until ready to eat. Enjoy!

Map To Our Location From Dublin, California

Kimono Restaurant Is The Best Sushi Restaurant In Dublin, California.

You’ve never had food this good! Kimono Restaurant offers a great place to take your family for entertainment, delicious eats, and fun. We start with the highest quality ingredients before grilling them right in front of you on our hibachi grill–the perfect way to get involved by watching as we prepare it just how YOU want it so there will be no surprises at all when they bite into your meal. This experience also gives us an opportunity to show off some amazing tricks which is where being entertained comes into play; our talented chefs will astound you even further by flipping meats around wildly or doing some other intricate, spectacular feats. If you’re looking for the perfect place to take your family for food, fun and entertainment, Kimono Sushi Restaurant in Benicia and Dublin, California, can’t be beaten! Join us today and experience the Kimono difference.

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